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Safety is our primary focus. Located 300 nautical miles from the coast, Malpelo is a remote destination that requires an extremely seaworthy vessel. Colombia Dive Adventures is proud to introduce the FEROX which has an 11mm armored steel hull, all new machinery and electronics as well as an extensive list of safety equipment including three 6m, self righting, former Fast Rescue Boats that were operated in the challenging conditions of the North Sea. Due to strong currents every diver will be equipped with a Personal Locator Beacon. Rolling chocks and paravane stabilizers make for a comfortable ride and provide a relaxing experience.


Awe-inspiring and full of wonder, a sanctuary of flora and fauna. Declared a UNESCO world heritage site, an oasis of life for native and migratory species. Massive schools of hammerhead and silky sharks are found here along with Galapagos sharks, whale sharks, manta & eagle rays, as well as the reclusive smalltooth sand tiger shark. With such an abundance of marine life Malpelo has rightfully earned its place as one of the greatest big fish diving destinations on the planet. Exclusive access to the sanctuary, only one live aboard dive boat is permitted inside the protected area at a time. Diving is possible and spectacular all year round.


Malpelo is not the only place in the Colombian Pacific with world class diving. The waters along the coasts of the lush green destinations Gorgona Island and the department of El Chocò (Crucero del Norte) attract not only whale sharks and manta rays. During the months of June to November Humpback whales come after their long journey from the polar region to these warm waters to mate and calve. These not much visited destinations with their spectacular underwater landscapes and coral reefs deliver unforgettable experiences. Colombia Dive Adventures runs trips of 4 nights to Gorgona and 6 nights to Crucero del Norte.